Madiha´s verse

As long as I can remember I have been creating and listening to music.Hip hop caught me early in life  with the rythm and socially critical lyrics. Later RnB came in with harmonies, swelling A minor chords and vibratos on  the lead vocals that spoke directly to my soul.Hip hop artist Common sang “I used to love her” a track about how he sometimes lost the love for  Hip Hop .Today Hip hop and RnB has fused together together dance and club music to a Hybrid but you have to dig very deep to  find an top 20 artist who isn´t repetedly broadcasting  how much grass is smoked, bling bling that is purchased et.c (U fill in the blanks) .As a music lover today it is very difficult to find music that isn´t  promoting a very mendacious and warped worldview .As proud father of two daughters, it was finally impossible  to sit and listen to music that pours out that  “Bitches  ain’t shit” while teaching my daughters about self-esteem and equality


New low-water mark is Chris Brown’s Loyal who is so beyond misogyny that I’m almost speechless when I hear the lyric´s 

Is this what a major record label promoting ??? 

Poet Khalil Gibran wrote, “Music is the language of the spirit”—but what happens when that language tears our spirit down?

So it was true refreshing when my wise friend Frida showed me this clip from the spoken word artist Madiha Bhatti who got tired of the objectifying lyrics and wrote a reply 

Something for all of us to reflect on



3 thoughts on “Madiha´s verse

  1. To say that I am proud of you is an understatement. Thank you for sharing this. She is brilliant and I feel your message. You are much!

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