I am a product of my friends. They are the best in the world and my powercirlce . Without them I am nothing . My friend Trina writes about life, the universe and everything in between . So surprised but deeply honored to see that she cites one of our talks on her blog Akosmopolite .. Go in and read it. Your soul needs it . Thanks again Trina because you are you and someone I can always lean on .. and that is true with friends you I have already won / Simon , LiberianME


By Trina Otero

“We already won Trina. We already won. Even if we die tomorrow, our art lives on forever.” – Simon Tocclo

This quote is for the brave ones. For the ones who spill their hearts to the world; the ones who share their souls; the ones who let their spirits dance.



Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤

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One thought on “Immortality

  1. My eyes just got teary ❤ I appreciate you so much, Simon! Thank you for being so excited to know me and be my true friend, because I am just as excited and grateful. So glad the Universe brought us back together this lifetime. ❤

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