The U in You – T H E J O U R N E Y

  Preview from the upcomming Exhibtion  T H E  J O U R N E Y , Hopefully if time permits premiering in Sweden Mid 2019 . More info will follow . Stay tuned .Like us on facebook and follow us on Instagram @Liberian_Me for  the fastest updates     Next to the LiberianME store in 4 houses , Buchanan is Emmanuel Baptist School .I … Continue reading The U in You – T H E J O U R N E Y

Tales from an Endless Summer

It has now been three years since I decided to go home to my birth country and reunite with my biological family. So much has happened. Have come to know everyday heroes, both men and women who become mentors and taught me so much about Liberian culture. Family members have died and left a hole in the heart that can only be filled with more … Continue reading Tales from an Endless Summer

Liberia Thru my eyes (Portfolio)

Every picture tells a story and this is my story. 2013 I decided to return to my native country to be reunited with my family .It was the start of LiberianME a company with the vision to be one of the leading forces to rebuild the country . Highlight Liberian entrepeneurer and inspire and motivate with emphasis on ecological and sustainable development. Through the past … Continue reading Liberia Thru my eyes (Portfolio)